Proviron - 25 BAYER - 25 mg/tab. (50 tab.)

Generic name - mesterolone

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Proviron - 25 GERMANY - 25 mg/tab. (50 tab.)

Generic name - mesterolone

Old school DHT derivate, which was discovered during 1960s. Originaly used in medicine for increased testosterone production connected to hypogoniadism and other sicknesses connected to reduction of protein anabolism and men osteoporosis.

In fact proviron is not a steroid, it is androgenic product which is used because of its anti estrogen potency. As tamoxifen on blocks estrogen receptors, mesterolone directly blocks aromatization process of estrogen. Although several potential of muscle growth is also reported. It is hepatoxic for liver so it is pretty safe to take. 

Mesterolone cannot replace natural testosterone production, but it compensate lack of natural testo production. 

With usage of mestosterone comes risk of long lasting and painful erections, which should signal the need for lowering of the dosage.

When used with testosterone it works in synergetic way and increases testosterone growth and fat reduction. Because it helps to prepare the androgenic enviroment in human body it multiplies the anabolic potencial of testo. Half life of mesterolone is 12 hours. 

Proviron dosage

Daily dosage is recommended in range of 25 mg - 200 mg. In many cases one tablet a day is sufficient during whole course, or at least for last 4 weeks of course.

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